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Laser Engraver


It is a superb machine used to engrave words, designs and patterns on any material, such as glass, wood or metal. The working principle is based on the laser beam, which passes through the lens and directly falls on the surface to either cause the colour changes or melt it to give beautiful styles.


  1. The cutting power of this instrument is about 22W, which means that it is a very sharp tool that cuts metal at the range of 0.1mm.
  2. It is a very efficient machine whose engraving speed is 25000mm/min, reflecting its ingenuity.
  3. One of the amazing features of this tool is integrated air assist, which ensures cleaner results by cleaning debris, smoke or any particles formed during the engraving process. Also, it acts as a shield to prevent laser lenses from fumes that form during the cutting process. 
  4. Moreover, it offers a friendly interphase, which means not much expertise is needed to run it. It is manufactured in such a way that reduces the complexities of its components, which depicts a Hassle-Free Assembly.

Five safety protection of this instrument are:

  1. The interlock system of the Laser engraver by Creality Falcon protects it from any harm whenever its safety doors are opened. The main purpose of this feature is to prevent the laser from the operator.
  2. Laser beam works in an enclosed area in order to prevent it from any harmful environmental exposure. The chambers of this tool contain a laser beam at the standard space to avoid any interruption.
  3. Fumes and gasses are produced, which may deposit at the lens of the laser, so ventilation is made to escape these gasses. 
  4. Its speed and power are customized at the optimum working condition so that no overheating production is encountered.
  5. Colour-fill material, such as paint, is used for engraving certain surfaces of the material to give charming and stunning colourful designs. 

It supports a wide range of software, including Windows and macOS. Also compatible with LaserGRBL and LightBurn.

Users can run it without a smooth internet connection. TF card is an amazing part of this device, which stores essential files related to this mechanism.

It offers laser power and temperature monitoring services. The function of these monitoring systems is to scan any threat and overheat generation. This ensures the proper working of this machine for the ease of users.

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