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Introduction: Hanuman DP

Display pictures imprints impact on viewer’s mind. If users put some useful and meaningful content on it, people appreciate their choice. But if they post some immoral profile picture, people consider you antagonist. Indian people like to set these images as a mark of devotion towards their lord. They show that they have strong belief in their God. Having Hanuman photos on DP reflect their loyalty for their religion and lord. This character is considered as monkey god for them. They express their love via posting his images on their Display picture.

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Look at the 1st picture in which this character has a lot of arms. You can also see many faces of this character. Some faces are like horse while others have glimpse of monkey. In the next picture, their lord is sitting in the darkness. Behind it, you can see stick which is the symbol of strength fir it. There is a sketch of Hanuman in the 3rd picture. The theme reflects the the sign of hanuman’s angriness . There is Indian Bhagvan in the 4th picture sitting in attitudinal style. Put it on your profile picture.

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